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The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up, Happiness Soldiers

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Is happiness an impossible goal or a simple choice?

In this concise book, readers can have fun exploring deep life questions and design their ideal lives around happiness. This book supports people internalizing their individual happiness and helps them move to a choice-filled, limitless, authentic state.

It creates a challenging and fun space to discover, choose, embrace, and expand happiness.
The book is designed to offer a wide variety of methods to enhance and achieve happiness especially through experiences focused on reading, drawing, speaking, visualizing, writing, and acting.

Readers interested in creating or strengthening their happiness mindset won’t be disappointed. Happiness can always expand, and those looking to increase their happiness will find many novel ideas to consider. This book is a supportive guide on anyone’s happiness journey.

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What’s up with the Happiness Soldiers™ logo?

When we were trying to come up with a badge or logo that could represent the Happiness Soldiers movement, we first thought about the classic yellow and black smiley face that we’ve seen for decades. However, that didn’t get much consideration since we wanted something more unique and more representative of the many faces of happiness. Can you see the four different “faces” in the logo?

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